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Jet Pro Pressure Washing has been the go-to provider of patio cleaning services in Southern Pines NC, and the neighboring regions. Our services span a wide spectrum from residential to commercial and industrial cleaning. With a team of seasoned professionals, we ensure speedy and efficient services, aiming to achieve absolute customer satisfaction.

We make use of top-tier equipment and sophisticated techniques to deliver impeccable results. Our use of environmentally friendly detergents and cleaners underlines our commitment to preserving the environment. We take immense pride in delivering high-quality services to our esteemed customers, always at competitive rates.

Take a moment to check out our range of additional cleaning services if you are interested in exploring more of our concrete cleaning options.

Why Clean Your Patio?

Your patio is like an outdoor living room. It’s a place where you can relax, have fun, and maybe even host a barbeque with friends. But just like your indoor living room, your patio needs to be cleaned too. Here’s why:


  1. Lookin’ Good: When your patio is clean, it just looks better. It’s more inviting and pleasant to be on. Plus, a clean patio can make your whole house look more tidy and well-kept. Who wouldn’t want that?


  1. Lasting Longer: Stuff like dirt, moss, or mildew can sneak onto your patio and start causing trouble. Over time, they can wear down your patio and cause damage. Regular cleaning helps keep those pesky invaders away so your patio stays in great shape for longer.


  1. Safe Space: Sometimes, a dirty patio can become slippery, especially when it’s wet. This can be a slipping hazard for you, your family, or your friends. Cleaning your patio helps make it safer for everyone.


  1. Fun Times: Let’s face it, no one wants to hang out on a dirty patio. Cleaning your patio can make it more enjoyable for parties, playdates, or just chilling out.


  1. Protect Your Investment: A patio can be a big investment. Keeping it clean helps protect that investment, so you get the most out of it.


So, whether it’s to look good, last longer, stay safe, have fun, or protect your investment, cleaning your patio is super important. And it doesn’t have to be hard – companies like Jet Pro Pressure Washing are here to help!

Our Southern Pines Patio Cleaning Services

At Jet Pro Pressure Washing, we’ve got your patio cleaning covered. Here’s how we do it:


  1. Initial Consultation: First, we’ll have a chat with you to understand what you need. This is like when your teacher asks you what you want to learn about. We want to know about your patio and any special concerns you might have.


  1. Assessing the Patio: We’ll take a good look at your patio, kind of like doing a science experiment. We check what type of material your patio is made of, how dirty it is, and where the trouble spots might be.


  1. The Cleaning Process: Then, we get to work. Using our expert knowledge, professional equipment, and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, we gently but effectively clean your patio. We’re careful not to damage your patio or surrounding plants.


  1. Check & Finish: After the cleaning, we’ll do a final inspection to make sure we’ve done a good job and that you’re happy with how your patio looks.


We clean all kinds of patio surfaces, like:


Concrete Patios: Like your school’s concrete playground, these can get stained and dirty. We can get it looking fresh and clean again.


Wooden Decks: We can help bring your wooden deck back to life, carefully cleaning it to prevent damage.


Paver Patios: Whether it’s brick or stone, we know how to clean your pavers without hurting them.


So, whether your patio is big, small, super dirty, or just needs a little spruce-up, Jet Pro Pressure Washing is here to help make your patio a clean, inviting space you love to use.

Why Choose Jet Pro for Patio Cleaning

Deciding who should clean your patio can be a bit like choosing a partner for a class project. You want someone you can trust to do a good job, right? Here’s why Jet Pro Pressure Washing is a top choice for your patio cleaning needs:


  1. We’re Local: Jet Pro isn’t a big, distant corporation. We’re part of your community, just like your school or favorite hangout spot. We get the local weather, plants, and cleaning needs because we live here too!


  1. Fair and Affordable: Imagine finding a great video game or cool pair of sneakers that’s also super affordable. That’s what we offer – top-notch cleaning at prices that won’t empty your piggy bank.


  1. Free Estimates: Just like you wouldn’t buy a game without knowing its price, we give you a free estimate before we start cleaning. This way, you’ll know exactly what to expect – no surprises!


  1. We Know Our Stuff: Our team is trained and insured. Think of us like your favorite teacher who knows their subject inside out. We know how to clean your patio safely and efficiently, without damaging it.


  1. Great Reviews: Remember that movie everyone in school was talking about because it was so good? That’s us, but for cleaning. We have lots of positive reviews from people who were thrilled with our service.


In short, Jet Pro Pressure Washing is like the honor roll student of patio cleaning. We’re reliable, knowledgeable, and committed to making your patio look its absolute best. So why not give us a try?


Just like you clean your room, your patio needs cleaning too. It can collect dirt, mold, and stains over time. Cleaning helps it look better and last longer. It can also make it safer to use, especially when it’s wet.

Sure, but it’s a bit like trying to wash a really big, dirty car without a hose. It’s possible, but tough. At Jet Pro, we have professional tools and cleaners that can do a better job, faster and safer.

Typically, it’s good to clean your patio once a year. But if your patio gets lots of use, or if you have a lot of trees around, you might need to clean it more often.

Yes, we can! Just like your favorite multi-purpose cleaner, we can clean all types of patios, whether they’re made of wood, concrete, or stone.

Nope. We use cleaning solutions that are tough on dirt but safe for your pets, plants, and the environment.

The time it takes can vary depending on how big and dirty your patio is. But we work efficiently to get your patio clean as quickly as possible.

The cost can depend on a few things, like the size of your patio and how dirty it is. We’ll always give you a free quote before we start, so there won’t be any surprises.

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