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Jet Pro Pressure Washing has been providing house washing services such as deck and fence cleaning to NC and the surrounding areas for 10 years. We specialize in a variety of services that range from residential to commercial and industrial washing. Our team of experienced professionals will work quickly and efficiently to ensure that all our customers are satisfied with the results.

Our team uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to get the job done right. We use eco-friendly detergents and cleaners so that no harm is done to the environment. We’re proud to offer quality services to our customers at competitive prices.

Why Clean Your Fence and Deck?

You know how you take a shower every day to stay clean? Well, your fence and deck need cleaning too, and here’s why:

1. Keeps them Looking Good: Just like washing your clothes keeps them fresh and bright, cleaning your fence and deck keeps them looking their best. Over time, dirt, grime, and even green stuff like algae and mold can build up on them. This can make them look old and worn out. But a good cleaning can bring back their original beauty!

2. Helps them Last Longer: Fences and decks aren’t just for looking pretty; they have a job to do. Fences protect your yard, and decks give you a nice place to relax or have fun. But if they get too dirty, they can start to weaken and might not last as long. Cleaning helps get rid of stuff that can harm them, like mold or mildew, so they stay strong and can do their job for a long time.

3. Prepares them for Other Stuff: Want to paint your fence or stain your deck? It’s important to clean them first. This way, the paint or stain can stick better and look more even.

4. Keeps the Neighborhood Happy: A clean fence and deck can make your whole house look better. And when your house looks good, it can help make your whole neighborhood look good too!

So, just like you take care of yourself, your pets, or your favorite stuff, it’s important to take care of your fence and deck too. Regular cleaning can help them stay good-looking, strong, and ready for anything!

Our Fence and Deck Cleaning Services

At Jet Pro Pressure Washing, we know just how to make your fence and deck look their best. Here’s how we do it:

1. Understanding Your Needs: Before we begin, we take a good look at your fence and deck. Are they wood, vinyl, composite, or something else? How dirty are they? This helps us figure out the best way to clean them.

2. The Right Tools for the Job: We use professional equipment and special cleaning solutions that are tough on dirt, but gentle on your fence and deck. So, they get super clean without getting harmed.

3. Taking Care of the Details: We don’t just blast away the dirt. We take our time to make sure every part of your fence and deck gets cleaned. Even the tough spots, like between the boards of your deck or the intricate designs of your fence.

4. Environmentally Friendly: Our cleaning solutions are not just safe for your fence and deck, they’re safe for the environment too. So while your fence and deck get a sparkling makeover, the plants and animals around stay safe and happy.

5. Checking Our Work: Once we’re done cleaning, we double-check our work. We make sure your fence and deck are not just clean, but really, really clean!

So whether your fence and deck are a little dirty, or haven’t been cleaned in a while, Jet Pro Pressure Washing is here to help. With our careful, detailed, and environmentally friendly cleaning services, we’ll make your fence and deck look as good as new!

Why Choose Jet Pro Pressure Washing for Fence and Deck Cleaning in

Choosing who cleans your fence and deck is a big decision, kind of like picking a babysitter for your pet. Here’s why Jet Pro Pressure Washing is the best choice for your fence and deck cleaning needs:

1. We’re Your Neighbors: Jet Pro isn’t some far-away company. We’re a local business right here in your area. That means we understand the types of fences and decks here and exactly how to clean them.

2. Affordable Prices: Everyone deserves to have a clean fence and deck. That’s why we make our services affordable, kind of like how good video games are often on sale.

3. No Surprises: We believe in being honest and open. That’s why we tell you exactly how much it’ll cost before we start. This way, you won’t be surprised when you see the bill.

4. Skilled and Safe: Our team is trained in fence and deck cleaning, so they know how to clean your fence and deck without causing damage. Plus, we’re insured. That means if something goes wrong (though that’s very unlikely), you’re not on the hook.

5. 5-Star Quality: Just like a top-rated movie, we’ve received 5-star reviews from customers who loved our work. We’re not just bragging—we’re truly dedicated to making your fence and deck shine, and you happy!

In conclusion, if you want a reliable, affordable, and high-quality fence and deck cleaning service, look no further than Jet Pro Pressure Washing. We’re excited to help make your fence and deck look amazing!


Just like washing your clothes or dishes, cleaning your fence and deck helps keep them looking good and lasting longer. It removes dirt, mold, and other stuff that can damage them or make them look old and worn.

Usually, it’s a good idea to get your fence and deck cleaned once a year. But if you live in a place with lots of trees or rain, you might need it more often.

You could try, but it can be a tough job. At Jet Pro, we have the right tools and training to clean your fence and deck safely and thoroughly. Plus, doing it yourself could take a lot of time and energy!

Absolutely! At Jet Pro, we use eco-friendly cleaning solutions. They’re tough on dirt, but gentle on your plants, pets, and the environment.

It can vary, depending on how big your fence and deck are and how dirty they are. But typically, it can take a few hours to a whole day.

No, our team at Jet Pro is trained to clean fences and decks without causing any damage. We use low-pressure water and gentle cleaning solutions to get the job done.

The cost can depend on how big and dirty your fence and deck are. But we promise to keep our prices fair and will give you a free quote before we start, so there are no surprises!


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