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Jet Pro Pressure Washing has been a trusted provider of house washing, soft washing, and fence & deck cleaning services in Sanford NC, and its surrounding areas for the past ten years. Our services cover a wide spectrum, extending our expertise to various cleaning needs. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing swift and effective solutions, always aiming to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and innovative techniques, our team ensures high-quality results. Our commitment to the environment is reflected in our use of eco-friendly cleaning products, protecting the environment from harmful impacts. We are proud to deliver first-class house washing services to our esteemed customers at affordable prices.

Our Sanford House Washing Services

Think of Jet Pro House Washing as your house’s personal cleaning squad! Here’s what happens when you decide to give your house the royal cleaning treatment:

Chatting About Your House: First, we have a friendly chat (called a consultation) where we look at your house and figure out what needs to be done. This includes checking out what your house is made of—whether it’s siding, brick, stone, or something else—and spotting where the dirt and grime are.

Plan of Action: After we’ve scoped out the situation, we make a plan. We figure out the best way to clean your house without damaging anything. Every house is unique, so we customize our cleaning plan based on what your house needs.

Cleaning Time!: Now comes the fun part—cleaning! Our team gets to work, using special equipment to wash away the dirt and grime. Don’t worry, we use safe, eco-friendly cleaning stuff that’s tough on dirt but gentle on your house and the environment.

Finishing Up: Once we’re done, we do a final check to make sure we’ve cleaned everything properly. We’re not happy unless you’re happy with how clean your house is!

So, no matter what your house is made of or how dirty it’s gotten, Jet Pro House Washing is ready to make it shine again!

Why House Washing Is Important

House washing is like giving your house a big bath! It’s important for many reasons, and here’s why:

Keeps Your House Looking Good: Just like how we feel good when we’re clean, our houses feel good when they’re clean too! Over time, dirt, grime, and green stuff like mold and algae can stick to your house, making it look less pretty. Regular washing helps keep your house looking its best.

Protects Your House: The green stuff that grows on your house isn’t just ugly; it can also harm your house. Mold and algae can eat away at your house’s walls if left alone, leading to expensive fixes. Regular washing keeps these troublemakers away, helping your house last longer.

Keeps You Healthy: Washing your house also removes things that might make you sneeze or feel unwell, like allergens and bacteria. This is super important, especially for anyone with allergies or asthma.

Saves Money: Think of house washing like going to the dentist for check-ups to prevent cavities. By washing your house regularly, you can avoid costly repairs down the line. It’s better to prevent damage than to fix it!

So, keeping your house clean isn’t just about looking good—it’s about staying strong, healthy, and saving money too!

Why Choose Jet Pro Pressure Washing

Choosing the right crew to clean your house is important, and here’s why Jet Pro Pressure Washing is a great pick:

Your Local Heroes: We’re not some big, distant company. We’re a locally-owned business right here in North Carolina. We know the weather, the houses, and what it takes to get them clean. We’ve been part of the community since 2013!

Won’t Break the Bank: Worried about the price? Don’t be! We believe in affordable pricing. We want everyone to be able to have a clean, shiny house without emptying their wallets.

Know Before You Go: We give free estimates and quotes. This means we’ll tell you how much the cleaning will cost before we start, so there are no surprises. We believe in being upfront and honest.

Safe and Sound: Our team is not just friendly; they’re also trained and insured. They know how to clean your house properly without causing any damage. And just in case anything goes wrong (which is super rare), we’re insured.

Highly Rated: Don’t just take our word for it. We’ve been given 5-star reviews by people who’ve used our services. They loved how their houses looked after we were done!

So, for a local, affordable, and reliable house washing service, Jet Pro Pressure Washing is a fantastic choice!


The cost of house washing services can depend on various factors such as the size of your house, the type of surface (like brick, siding, or stone), and the level of dirt and grime. Usually, house washing companies charge either by the hour or by the square footage of your house.

On average, you might expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $300 for a professional house washing service. If you have a larger house or if it hasn’t been washed in a long time and is very dirty, the cost could be higher.

Before any work starts, it’s a good idea to get a free estimate or quote. This way, you’ll know exactly how much the service will cost, so there are no surprises. Remember, while cost is important, it’s also important to make sure you’re getting a quality service from a reputable company like Jet Pro Pressure Washing.


The frequency of house washing can depend on your local climate and the material of your home’s exterior. However, as a general rule, it’s recommended to have your house professionally washed once a year.

If done correctly, house washing should not damage your home’s exterior. At Jet Pro Pressure Washing, we use safe and effective cleaning techniques suitable for a variety of materials, including siding, brick, and stone.

We use environmentally friendly detergents that effectively remove dirt, grime, and biological growths without damaging your home or the surrounding environment.

Yes, at Jet Pro Pressure Washing, we take precautions to ensure that your plants and landscaping are not harmed during the washing process.

While it’s possible to wash your house yourself, professional house washing services have the right equipment and expertise to do the job effectively and safely. Improper techniques can potentially damage your home’s exterior or lead to personal injury.

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